Thursday, November 17, 2011

Having the right tools...The Turn Table!

In order to get a job done well, one must have the proper tools! This was a message taught daily growing up in my household. “You can achieve perfection with ease if you have the right tools, however you will have a difficult time if you are ill prepared” both my mother AND father would say. The older I get, the more I understand the seeds of brilliance they sowed.

A necessary tool for any artistic baker, who is attempting to achieve perfection, is a Turn Table.
a rotating stand used in sculpture, metalwork, and ceramics.

Use this tool every time you are icing or decorating a cake and or cupcakes. It allows you to easily see 360 degrees, while getting to every cake destination. Place it on any sturdy flat surface, then place your cake on the top of the stand… and get to spinning! You may not be a real DJ, but your final product will create a heart song that will give you happy feet.

My turntable of choice is the Wilton White Rotating Cake Stand ~11 Inch Decorating Turntable/Cake Server

Now get to spinning!

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